Complementary Medicines Group (CMG) is a service provider to the complementary medicine, food and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals industries.

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Raw Materials

At CMG we specialise in supplying quality raw materials suitable for all pharmaceutical, nutraceutical veterinary pharmaceutical and animal nutrition applications.

Contract Manufacturing

We can supply your business with a range of AUSTL and AUSTR dosage forms and stock or customer formulations at competitive prices from domestic or international GMP approved manufacturers.

Marketing Services

How strong is your brand? How unique is your offer? How good is your brand at attracting new prospects? The stronger your brand, the easier it is to attract potential customers, and the more likely it is that you’ll keep your existing clients.

Our QA service will assess all of the key elements of your brand offer, including your USP (unique selling proposition), logo, website, web communications, and website optimisation

Welcome to Complementary Medicines Group

Complementary Medicines Group (CMG) is a service provider to the complementary medicine, food and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals industries.

We think the customer should have the cream, not the other way around. So we’ve developed a different approach to the supply and servicing of complementary medicines, to make your life easier and to deliver your products faster.

This is what we offer:

A unique online order tracking and electronic pre-delivery advice system

Using the latest technology, we’ve developed a tracking system that allows you to log in to your own page and track the progress of your orders. We even have an iPhone app, so you can track your delivery when you’re out of the office.

The only 24/7 customer service hotline available on the market

Night or day, you’ll have access to key information about your orders and quotes via a telephone hotline that will be manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will always get to talk to a real person.

Innovative delivery technology

Being a small player has benefits of flexibility and agility. Accessing our extensive industry contacts, we are able to offer specialised dosage forms such as effervescents, soft chew pastilles and lower production quantities. We offer all this while still maintaining competitive pricing.

One point of contact instead of 7

Instead of having to deal with 7 different points of contact for your ordering, you can now call CMG for all your needs, including;

  • Bulk tablets and capsules and softgels
  • Fully packaged capsules and tablets
  • Liquids and creams
  • Bulk and sacheted powders
  • Regulatory advice and Listings
  • Stability services
  • Labels and packaging
  • Marketing services
  • Presentations and building product rationale

Our Vision

We will be a conduit for innovation, by bringing new concepts and technology to sponsors of complementary medicines in Australia, and take the hassle out of the management and sourcing of products and services.

We will create a new kind of supplier of complementary medicines that will set a new benchmark for customer service by providing an online product delivery tracking system, 24/7 customer service hotline and electronic pre-delivery advice service.

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Customers Say...

  • We have been involved with Craig and his team at CMG indirectly through our supplier. CMG facilitated the manufacture of our finished goods and their professionalism, flexibility and transparency throughout the process greatly contributed to the successful launch of our products.
    Amisha Jeram, Sourcing and Supplier Development Buyer ANZ, Nutricia Australia

  • I have known Craig for many years and have always found him to have the highest integrity and an honest approach to getting things done in a pragmatic, efficient manner. Craig is interested in long term relationships and works with me to continually get the best outcome on a long term basis.
    Roger Sanderson C.A, BCom, Real Vitamins Limited

  • After experiencing one contact point instead of seven that CMG offer, it is difficult to go back to searching out that information myself. It’s very convenient being able to get everything done in one place.
    Paul Keogh, Technical Director, Fusion Health

  • I met Craig and the CMG team through a chance meeting after we had run into problems with a previous manufacturer. I was taken by his outside the box thinking, which is something, which I believe is lacking in the industry today.
    The CMG team has provided an easy service that helps overcome problems with manufacturing and provides superior, innovative products.
    Selasi Berdie, R & D Manager, Body Science

  • Quite simply, Craig at CMG is at the pinnacle of the industry, setting standards for service and professionalism that far surpass his industry peers.
    Adrian Curtis, Group Finance and Administration Manager, Key Sun Laboratories

  • The team that Craig has developed around him at CMG is a great blend of experience, expertise and a high level of customer service. The team is able to offer a full turnkey product solution to a range of product types from a very broad range of suppliers.
    Craig has always maintained the highest level of professionalism with a wicked sense of humor that can turn a difficult situation into a much more relaxed one.
    Professor Reg Lehmann, General Manager R & D, Integria Natural Healthcare

  • He is the only person who keeps me in touch with the industry, the trends and new product ideas. He is creative in everything he does and his technical knowledge is second to none. CMG adds immense value to our business and their communication systems mean we always know where our products are in the production cycle.
    Peter Jamieson, CEO, Australian Natural Care Products

  • It was obvious from our first few meetings that Craig and the team at CMG has extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry.
    They act with Integrity and without Integrity nothing works.
    Josh Sparks, CEO, Thrive Collective

  • Craig is always looking for what’s missing in the industry, I am constantly amazed by the contribution he brings. It’s clear how passionate the team at CMG are about the field and they are always looking for ways to improve themselves.
    Ryan Gorman, CEO, Network Nutrition

  • The team at CMG are constantly looking for new ways to combine fun, Innovation and unparalleled service; their service makes life easier for their clients by taking the hassle out of new product development and manufacturing.
    Rochelle Trail, National Business Manager, Practitioner and Health Foods, Key Sun Laboratories

  • CMG have done everything possible to assist our business, whether of direct benefit to them or not, while they were able to generate new business within days, which was an unbelievably fast turnaround, they also helped us iniate other direct business. They were a fundamental part of our entry into the Australian market.
    Eric Anderson, VP Marketing, Aker BioMarine

  • I’d pick more than three attributes if I could, trust is a finite resource in the market these days and that’s what Craig delivers.
    Richard Armitt, Procurement and Planning Manager, Integria Natural Healthcare

  • CMG are able to find unique positionings and concepts based on science and complementary methods of action .The more we spoke, the more I realised Craig’s passion for the industry.
    Lalen Dogan, General Manager, GC Rieber Australia

  • While we have worked on a number of projects together over the years, the most recent proved to be challenging for Craig to keep all parties happy. Craig managed to pull this off with an outside the square solution. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.
    Tony Giam, CEO, South Pack laboratories

  • Craig is an exceptional sales manager and operates with a high degree of professionalism and an attention to detail.
    He has wealth of experience in the Complementary Medicine Industry and is committed to excelling in his specialties of business development, manufacturing and research & development. He also has the ability to quickly acquire and work with new knowledge.
    Nathan Cheong, Managing Director, FIT Bioceuticals

  • Craig is a high energy innovator with deep industry knowledge who delivers creative and timely results.
    Brett Saunders, Saunders and Saunders Legal

  • The complementary healthcare industry is better for Craig being a part of it. Craig’s contribution to the Healthcare industry is immeasurable, his passion is innovation and its what drives him to do what he does.
    Gabby Campbell, Operations Manager, Ferngrove Pharmaceuticals

  • Craig is well known, trusted and respected throughout the industry due to his extensive experience, vast knowledge and high level of professionalism. Working with Craig is not only a pleasure, but he has helped my business grow over the years by keeping me up to date with both product innovation and industry developments.
    Tony Patrick, General Manager, Vita Gold

  • I have had the pleasure of doing business with Craig for over eight years and have found him to be the most customer focused of all my suppliers. He put in effort and knows what good service looks like.
    Stuart Bushby, Acting GM Procurement, Integria Natural Healthcare

  • The CMG team are experienced and result driven with a business focussed on quality and professionalism, They are a pleasure to work with.
    I find working with Craig personally an enjoyable process. Craig knows the whole industry supply chain intimately. He has a passion for New product development, innovation and technology.
    Evan Hayes Director of Procurement and New Product Development

  • CMG maintains a superior, cooperative and reliable customer relationship with us. We believe CMG provides competitive pricing and a service level of excellence. Staff members at CMG are responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.
    CMG provides products that we can trust and rely on for quality and are of high standard that we can put our brand too.
    We will always choose to work with CMG where we can.
    Fiona Keogh, Senior Technical Product Development Manager, FIT Bioceuticals

  • Within our business there are some challenging niche areas that CMG and Glenn have been able to work with us on. With the complexities of our requirements, having a single contact has streamlined this process, saving us time and money. Glenn’s flexible approach means our company now has solutions to challenging problems, tailored to our needs and within our budget constraints, which we have seen translated into increased sales.
    Kris Bray, Nutritionist, Frankling Custom Feeds

  • My experience with CMG has been overwhelmingly positive. Craig and the team go the ‘extra mile’ to support our needs, which for a small company saves us a lot of time. Their manufacturing and general industry knowledge makes the journey from product concept to reality an easy transition.
    Daniel Baden, Managing Director, VitaSerach Group

  • The team at CMG are fantastic to work with. They are professional, passionate about the industry and highly quality focused. They collectively possess an in-depth udnerstanding of the industry as a whole, making them an ideal partner for us.
    Cate Lilja, General Manager – Sales and Marketing, Ingredient Box

  • The staff at CMG are incredibly helpful and will go out of their way to be of assistance. My experience is that they always come back with prompt and accurate feedback on the products presented – or if they don’t have the answer, they acknowledge receipt of my email. It makes such a difference known that my emails have been received!!
    April Luo, Account Manager, Cactus Botanics

  • Quite simply, CMG is at the pinnacle of the industry setting standards that surpass their industry colleagues. I can confidently say that this business operates with both high levels of integrity together with passion and devotion to the industry. CMG’s work ethics are second to none and it outclasses all it’s rivals.
    Adrian Curtis, Group Finance and Administration Manager, KeySun

  • Craig’s experience and business manner means that their business model is genuinely innovative and I cannot think of a single sponsor, manufacturer or ingredient provider who have shown this depth of industry understanding.
    Ross Norris. Senior Brand Manager, Planet Health

  • Nothing takes long with them, they waste no time in going back and forth – rather, they give me clear instructions to work with from the start. Another thing I love about working with CMG is they don’t sugar coat anything, instead, they give honest feedback from the start rather than multiple emails and phone calls down the track.
    Todd Guo, Sales Manager & Technical Support, Jiaherb

  • CMG always presents us with new opportunities, accessing unique and high quality ingredients.
    Kate McFadyen, Senior Technical Product Development Manager, FIT BioCeuticals




Sibelius sage™ is a unique and specific extract of sage species Salvia officianalis.

A Brief History of Sage

Salvia officinalis (also known as garden sage, common sage, or culinary sage) is a perennial, evergreen dwarf shrub.  The plant has  greyish leaves and blue to purplish flowers that bloom in summer. A member of the mint family, it is native to the Mediterranean region, though it is currently grown throughout the world. It has a long history of medicinal and culinary use, and in many homes it is grown as an ornamental garden plant.

The use of Salvia officinalis can be traced back through the centuries.  The genus name Salvia derives from the Latin salvere, meaning “to save,” perhaps referring the
healing properties of plants.  Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans believed  the planto improve memory function, heal minor skin wounds, treat coughes and even help with fertility.

In later years, early English herbalists from the 16th and 17th Century, including John Gerard and Nicholas Culpeper,believed that it was good for the head, brain and memory
 From John Gerard's Herball (1597) on sage "is singularly good for the head and brain, it quickeneth the senses and memory, strengtheneth the sinews, restoreth health to those that have the palsy, and taketh away shakey trembling of the members.”
In India, sage was traditionally used to treat upset stomachs, intestinal gas and infections of the mouth, nose and throat.  Sage oil has also been employed as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes.
A modern story: Sibelius Sage™
Today, the unique and specific Sibelius sage™ extract is derived from plants grown in Hampshire in the UK.  The herbal extract has a unique profile when analysed by NMR spectroscopy and pattern recognition.   Different varieties of Salvia officinalis grown under the same conditions, and even the same variety of Salvia officinalis grown at the same location but harvested at a different time do not present the same under analysis.
Sibelius Sage™ is being studied and developed using the latest cutting edge techniques.
 Sibelius has developed this product using its patented ChronoscreenTM technology, which measures the changes to chronological life span in C.elegans organisms as a result of treatment with ingredients or complex products. The C.elegans organism is widely used as a model for researching conditions associated with cellular ageing making it ideal for testing biological activity in herbal extracts and other natural products.

A human clinical trial investigating the effect of Sibelius sage™ on cognition was conducted with a cohort of healthy seniors. Testing of the cohort showed significant improvements in memory performance of recognition and recall over periods of between one and six hours, in response to a single dose of 333mg input.



Has there been trials on people?
Yes there has, with great results.  For more information, see our Studies page.

What is Sibelius Sage™
Sibelius sage™ is a specifically grown and harvested extract of sage (Salvia officianalis) that has been tested and clinically trialed for its effects on cognitive processes.  For more information, see our page What is Sibelius Sage™?

Where and how is it grown?
Sibelius sage™ is grown just outside Hampshire in the UK on our farm which is dedicated just to the sage to prevent risk of cross contamination.   The plants are managed under Good Agricultural Practic standards and is harvested between November and March each year.

What dose should I take?
Our clinical trial showed that the 333mg input dose (approximately 2.5 g herbal equivalent) of the Sibelius sage™ has the best outcomes.

What is Chronoscreen™ testing?
ChronoscreenTM is a functional assay of biological activity. It is a phenotypic screen giving a whole organism, whole lifespan readout of an ingredient activity on pathways of cellular aging. Any ingredient can be tested using this model to see the effect on aspects of cellular ageing.

Is Sibelius sage™ GRAS?
GRAS or generally regarded as safe is an international standard for food and herbal ingredients governed by the FDA.  It means they consider the material to be safe for human consumption.   Sibelius sage is GRAS.

How does Sibelius sage™ work?
Sage (Salvia officinalis ) has a long history of traditional use in Western Herbal medicine, including for cognitive support.

The mechanism of action has not been fully uncovered at this time, and this is possibly because it affects a number of different pathways that are involved in cognitive function.  However, at this time there are interesting actions that have been uncovered that may help explain the effect in part.

Neurotransmitters are broken down in the body by enzymes. Sage extracts have been shown to inhibit the action of acetylcholinesterase; the enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.  Acetylcholine is found in the brain in areas associated with attention, memory and motivation.

In addition, sage has been shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and estrogenic properties. Hormonal imbalance, inflammation and oxidative stress may all contribute to decreased cognitive function.

More info at


Cactus Botanics Limited is a UK registered company. Cactus Botanics (CB) works closely with nutraceutical manufacturers globally to develop and market innovative ingredients. Cactus Botanics provides a broad range of raw materials and is specialised in Botanical Extracts, Amino Acids, Minerals and Nutritional Ingredients. 

Cactus Botanics also offers custom blending service at their modern facilities.

Cactus Botanics works under strict quality systems to ensure all materials meet exact standards and bases its operation on five important business in practice principles.

  • Rigorous and constantly upgraded Quality Control practices
  • Innovation and moving forward with new concepts
  • Competitive approach in all areas of business
  • Strict quality control of all starting materials 
  • Never accept anything less than 100% customer satisfaction

For further information on Cactus Botanics please contact Glenn Whitney at CMG on 0488 881 264 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Laila Pharmaceuticals was established with the objective of developing new therapeutic solutions from potent natural molecules – ‘phytopharmaceuticals’.

Laila Pharma is a company recognized for its pioneering work in integrating modern science and phytopharmaceuticals for the development of safe, potent & novel bioactive leads from botanicals.

With over 38 years of expertise in the Nutraceutical industry, Laila employs modern techniques to standardise the phytochemicals and principal ingredients to study various novel therapeutic applications.

As the largest exporter of botanical extracts from India, Laila is the preferred partner in over 25 countries worldwide.


Laila, in collaboration with CMG, has made available CurQlife in liquid and powder forms for immediate distribution for nutraceutical formulations in Australian Market


Following many years of scientific research & development into this unique product, CurQlife comes to the market with the scientific and technical support of a complete Drug Master File.

Fully backed by clinical trials CurQlife represents the latest & the best-in-class water-soluble highly bioavailable curcuminoids.

With a unique blend of excipients based on the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance, which leads to greatly improved pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile.

In contact with water CurQlife forms an emulsion, giving rise to small single layered micellar structures encapsulating curcuminoids at the core.

Improved solubility, greater stability and enhanced pharmacokinetics are key attributes of CurQlife.

CurQlife offers a 48-fold increase in free curcumin in blood as against unformulated curcuminoids.

Laila is extending the science behind CurQlife with an extensive study in Osteoarthritic subjects to further substantiate its superior efficacy in alleviating this debilitating condition.

A new approach with an existing well researched safe phytochemical, CurQlife is the way ahead for an effective solution to Osteoarthritis.


A clearly superior, stable, highly bioavailable proven product

For access to the science behind CurQlife, including the open part of the DMF and the extensive bioavailability clinical trial and supporting technical detail, please contact Glenn Whitney at CMG.


Joychem, an active company with many years experience in both the Australian and global markets, well practiced in sourcing specialised and often rare compendia grade raw materials. Joychem base their activities and reputation on securing only the highest quality materials that meet and often exceed the requirements of Australian manufacturers.
With a wealth of knowledge in the field of fine chemicals and API's, Joychem use their vast global sourcing resources to locate and competitively offer raw materials for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Functional Food and Supplement manufacturing industry.

For further information on Joychem please contact Glenn Whitney at CMG on 0488 881 264 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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