The systems we use to help build your business have been developed over a number of years by an experienced team of marketing and business consultants.

These systems have helped build small and large brands in a wide range of multinational and SME companies. Our expertise covers business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business markets.

Our consultants are all Australian-based, so you can talk to us on local time and be reassured that we speak English as our first language.

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars excluding GST.


Brand Quality assessment

How strong is your brand? How unique is your offer? How good is your brand at attracting new prospects?

The stronger your brand, the easier it is to attract potential customers, and the more likely it is that you’ll keep your existing clients. Our QA service will assess all of the key elements of your brand offer, including your USP (unique selling proposition), logo, website, web communications, and website optimisation

We’ll provide you with a report showing the steps you need to take to improve your competitive edge and attract new prospects to your business.

All you need to get started with your Brand QA is a website and a brand logo.

$1697.00 ex GST


Brand Audit

Do you make assumptions about what your customers (and prospects) think of your company?

Our Brand Audit takes the guesswork out, and gives you powerful insights into how your company and your brand is viewed by your customers and/or your target market.

We’ll create a market survey for you that gets to the heart of what makes your business and brand tick. We’ll provide you with a report on how they view your company, your products/services and your brand, along with recommendations on how you can improve your services, your brand and your marketing communications.

Armed with this information you’ll be able to address any product and/or service issues, as well as improve your branding and marketing messages.

Our service provides for the design, implementation and analysis of an online research survey of up to 300 respondents, using a closed question (i.e. multiple choice) structure, and allowing for a limited number of open-ended questions.

To get the most out of this service you will need to have a database of at least 40 respondents, who are willing to complete the survey. We can help you find these respondents for an additional cost. We’ll provide you with a recommended email structure to go out to your database to encourage them to complete the survey – ensuring a higher response rate.

From $3,997 ex. GST

Estimated Completion Time: 21 days


Brand Story

Brands communicate to their audience through story telling. There are powerful brand stories that sit behind the world’s ‘best’ brands such as Coca-Cola, Google, and Apple.

Sadly, most small businesses don’t have a unique brand story. They talk in generic terms – they use the same words and offer the same benefits as their competitors. Why? Because they think that’s what customers want. But they don't. The end result? Customers can’t distinguish between one company and another, and your brand gets lost in the crowd.

Once you uncover the truth behind what makes your brand unique, you unlock a new level of success – because you’re using language that sets you apart from your competitors. But most importantly, your business starts working from its core strength – built on what really drives, as the business owner or manager. By creating a unique brand story you attract more prospects and more fans to your business – who are drawn to the authenticity of your story.

From $4,497 ex. GST

Estimated Completion Time: 28 days


Client Communications

You’ve developed your brand story, so you’re now saying exactly what you offer that’s different and how you deliver it. How do you communicate your story to the world at large? How do you convince your prospects that you and you alone hold the key to his or her success? To do this you need to develop Client Communications – online and offline.

Client Communications provides you with a blueprint for how you should to promote your business to your prospects, with specific promotional activities that will attract new customers and build loyalty with existing customers.

This service details the recommended promotional activities you will need to attract new clients, such as online marketing, newsletters, sales incentives, advertising, PR, promotions, and other communication tools. Costs include strategy and recommended promotional techniques and costs, but exclude creative concepts and execution.

We ask you to complete your brand story first, so we know exactly what you offer that’s unique from your competitors, and is the starting point for building your Client Communications.

From $4,497 ex GST

Estimated Completion Time: 28 days


Social Media Plan

Harness the power of social networking by developing a tailor-made social media strategy for your business. A popular social networking profile can escalate the priority of your website in online search engines, help you to develop relationships with your prospects and gather critical feedback on your products, while increasing online brand awareness, building customer loyalty, and driving sales.

$1649.00 ex GST


Social media activation

We will set up your account on each of the recommended social media platforms, and provide you with the technical footing to get started implementing the recommendations on your own. We will customise the accounts with your brand’s logo and information so that they are easily identifiable to your contacts and prospective customers.

Prerequisite/s: Please complete your Social Media Plan before requesting this service

$1299.00 ex GST


SEO Analysis

We will analyse your website and existing social media profiles for priority and prevalence on Google web searches. We will provide a report on your current Google search engine rankings and those of your three main competitors – under different search criteria. This service provides an excellent marker for measuring the effectiveness of your social media plan.

Note: SEO Analysis does not include a full Search Engine Optimisation strategy beyond that of the social media plan recommendations.

$1349.00 ex GST


Marketing Strategy plan

You’ve developed your brand story and have now articulated exactly what you offer that’s different and how you deliver it. You now need to get your message out to the world at large, and convince your customer that you and you alone hold the key to his or her success. The vehicle to deliver this message is the Marketing Communications Plan.

Prerequisite/s: Please complete your Brand Story before requesting this service

$4,997.00 ex GST


Brand logo and Business card

Just as a picture can tell a thousand stories, so a logo can attract a thousand customers, as long as they are drawn to it. But what makes for a compelling logo?

We believe the answer is a logo that creates empathy with your target market and fits with your company’s brand story – i.e. what is unique or different about your brand. That’s because this is what defines you from your competitors, and what your customers love about you.

It’s a good idea to complete the brand story exercise before you start your logo development, so you are clear on exactly what your brand promises to deliver and how you deliver it. If you’re already clear on your brand story, then all we need is you to summarise this for us when we start your project.

$3,697.00 ex GST


Website design-online presence

The website has become the virtual office reception – the first contact point for potential customers. First impressions are often crucial to securing a relationship. Therefore it is vitally important that businesses of all sizes make a strong impression with a professional, well-structured, well-branded and welcoming website.

$3,897.00 ex GST 


Marketing Collateral

For all your brochures, trade displays, flyers, posters and annual reports etc…  Our experienced graphic design team can work with you, your brand and your project goals to design and produce documents and collateral for your next marketing requirement.