As commercial photographers, CMG is commissioned to work on a broad mix of photographic assignments.

Many of these assignments are studio based or on location in and around Sydney. Others require shooting at multiple locations across Australia and overseas.

The photographs we take are generally for marketing or advertising materials such as company brochures, print advertising, product brochures, websites, project case studies and annual reports.

We also offer commercial portraiture.

CMG’s Photographers are well experienced in interpreting communication briefs to ensure the resulting images fulfil their purpose.

Professional product photography is our specialty. Our product photography studio is located in Sydney and will provide you with outstanding product photos. We have the specialised lighting and equipment that professional product photography requires and can guarantee you a stunning job.

Since product photography is our specialty, our photographer can take photos of almost anything including photos for:

  • Label artwork
  • Advertising
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Product leaflets
  • Posters & Billboards
  • Images libraries & business cards
  • Commercial portraits
  • Photography for annual reports

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