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Craig <strong>Fallshaw</strong>

Craig Fallshaw


Craig has an extensive knowledge of complementary medicine manufacturing, formulation of active formulas and excipient bases and a very sound knowledge of complementary medicine ingredients. His industry career, spanning more than 15 years began in the family business, a contract manufacturer founded by his Grandfather in 1972.

This manufacturing experience, coupled with Craig's sales experience in the complementary medicines industry uniquely places him to assist with new product development, product rationales and sales strategies and enables him to advise clients on the viability and best dosage form for their products.

In 2010 having identified a gap in the market Craig founded CMG. Complementary Medicines Group (CMG) is a service provider to the complementary medicines, food and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals industries. CMG supplies a range of goods and services to these industries and can assist from concept and formulation to manufacturing, right through to finished product supply, marketing, branding and SEO. CMG has developed a different approach to the supply and servicing of complementary medicines, to make life easier and to deliver products faster.

Craig's vision is for CMG to be a conduit for innovation, by bringing new concepts and technology to sponsors of complementary medicines in Australia, and take the hassle out of the management and sourcing of products and services.

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Dr Brad <strong>McEwen</strong> PhD, MHSc (Hum Nutr), BHSc, ND (Adv), DBM, DNutr, DSM, MATMS

Dr Brad McEwen PhD, MHSc (Hum Nutr), BHSc, ND (Adv), DBM, DNutr, DSM, MATMS

Technical and Innovation Manager

Dr Brad McEwen PhD is a leader in preventive and personalised health, particularly in the area of cardiometabolic health and mental and cognitive health. He is an award-winning naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, educator, researcher, and mentor with over 24 years of clinical experience. He has a PhD from University of Sydney, Master of Health Science (Human Nutrition) and Master of Public Health from Deakin University, among other qualifications listed below. He has a passion for teaching and has been educating in nutritional medicine and the health sciences for over 19 years. He has extensive experience in presenting seminars, webinars, and at conferences nationwide and internationally (including United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, New Zealand).

Brad has a passion for research. He has numerous original research and review articles published in peer-reviewed journals. He is a peer reviewer for international journals. His research interests include the effects of diet and nutrition on cardiovascular disease, cardiometabolic syndrome, depression, anxiety, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, cognition, stress, type 2 diabetes, chronic disease, and public health. Dr Brad McEwen has a special interest in increasing public health, increasing and improving access to health services, overall chronic disease prevention, increasing access to nutritional foods and information for all schools and universities, and health equity.

He has received numerous national and international awards, including the Eberhard F. Mammen Young Investigator Award (an international award in thrombosis and haemostasis), Excellence in Practice Lecturer Researcher of the Year award, and the Dorothy Hall Memorial Award for Practitioner Excellence (an award for the advancement of natural medicine in Australia). Dr Brad has been a multiple finalist for Practitioner of the Year, Researcher of the Year, and Educator/Lecturer of the Year.

Chocolate is a must – McEwen BJ. Medical Synopsis: The cardiometabolic benefits of chocolate - can chocolate be the elusive elixir to optimum health, Advances in Integrative Medicine, 2018; 5(2): 80-81

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 Rob <strong>Bonthorne</strong>

Rob Bonthorne

Financial Controller

Over 20 years’ experience managing the day to day financial operations of a business to producing accurate and timely monthly/quarterly/yearly management reports with meaningful commentary. I have strong communication skills and thrive in a fast paced business environment.

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Kiri <strong>Fleming</strong>

Kiri Fleming

General Manager

Kiri is the General Manager at CMG. With a background in manufacturing and industrial machinery she has had a variety of responsibilities in project management, sales, customer service & administration management. With vast experience in managing a team, with multiple locations and projects running concurrently, the focus is on strong communication and liaising with customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders to ensure jobs are completed on time to the highest quality.

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Chris <strong>Fox</strong>

Chris Fox

Production Manager

Chris has been the production Manager at CMG for the last 3 years.
Originally coming from a hospitality background he thrives in the fast paced environment that is contract manufacturing.
As a production manager, Chris is responsible for coordination and control of manufacturing processes. He makes sure goods and services are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quality as well as being responsible for a team of over 30 people. Chris loves the variety involved in the role where a day could involve anything from equipment repairs to loading trucks and everything in between.

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Henry <strong>Dam</strong>

Henry Dam

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Lisa <strong>Hastie</strong>

Lisa Hastie

Soapbox Design

Specialising in Online & Offline Design and Corporate Branding since early 2000, Lisa brings experience to the table, adding design and marketing ideas and assisting in brief generation before creating tailored designs that help meet project goals.

Her roles have been within Project Management, Graphic Design and Creative Direction as the Managing Director of a Sydney-based Design Studio and most recently, from 2007, as the principal of Soapbox Design Studio.

She consults and designs regularly for businesses of all industries and sizes, in areas such as Health, Agricultural and Planning, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Engineering, Telecommunications, Event Planning and Construction Firms.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Technology, Certificate in Marketing and a Diploma of Multimedia.

Soapbox Graphic Design

Justin <strong>Cooper</strong>

Justin Cooper

Brand Purpose Co

Justin helped us create the CMG Brand Story way back in 2010 - crafting the words to explain what we stand for (our Purpose) and what makes our brand unique (Brand Story). These words became the foundation that inspired Lisa Hastie to develop our brand logo and web design.

With over 30 years’ experience as a marketing professional and brand consultant for global and small businesses, Justin is the founder of Brand Purpose .Co - a consultancy which helps business leaders and start-ups to develop their:

  • Business Purpose (strategy)
  • Brand Story (positioning & copy development)
  • Brand Identity (written)
  • Brand Names

He also helps business leaders to define and refine their business purpose & vision, and to align their teams and brands with this Purpose - through workshops, coaching, consulting, and online courses.

Justin is the author of Marketing Is Dead, Long Live Purposing.

Brand Purpose Co

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